Steve Aoki Fires Back After Producer Calls His BTS Collab "Trash"

Steve Aoki x BTS have seen global success with their “Mic Drop” remix, but not everyone is a fan…

During a Instagram live stream, a producer by the name  called the song “trash,” and went as far to belittle BTS and their fans. The EDM world probably would have continued on without batting an eye, but someone on Twitter decided to point it out to BTS, Desiigner, and Steve Aoki all in fell swoop.

It wasn’t long before Aoki some sense into the situation: “What one calls trash others will find the gold. Stay with what makes u happy and it doesn’t matter what they think.”

Lucky for Marz, the producer has even more music on the way… “And now we got some new music coming out for 2018,” Aoki . “That’s exciting as well! So we got this remix to put out there. But now we have some more original music as well!”


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