Steve Aoki halts live performance to reveal latest NFT purchase

Heavily invested in the metaverse and with anything NFT related to being precise, Steve Aoki is arguably one of, if not, the most hyped-up artists’ to welcome this latest digital trend with open arms. Making his passion known at every given chance, the trailblazing DJ/producer took the time of presenting his latest NFT purchase whilst performing live on stage. In what can only be described as a true Aoki fashion occurrence, the crowd was left stunned as the music was paused, and the man of the moment took out his phone in order to display his very own doodle.

Estimated at a whopping $859,000 value purchase, famed illustrator doodles have emerged as one of the most recent NFT’s to be roaming the metaverse. Physically unable to contain his excitement, Aoki has become one of the very few people to own an alien doodle, with only 10 of this particular type created. A true ambassador of this latest link between music and the metaverse, it comes to no surprise, that since the actual purchase of the Steve Aoki doodle, the floor price of this lucrative collection has skyrocketed by more than 60%, further amplifying Aoki’s reach and reputation in more ways than none.

Fully devoted to the cause, this is not the first nor the last time that Aoki will express his undeniable interest for the metaverse, and in turn, has taken to his social media accounts in order to share his excitement as “NFTs make me feel like a kid again.” Having only recently headlined the Monkey Kingdom NFT event within the metaverse, this latest announcement comes at a time where the hype surrounding the real and the digital world peaks at a constant rate, with Aoki a clear representative of the electronic dance industry and the ever-increasing popularity of the metaverse among the biggest of names within our community.

Be sure to check out Aoki’s on-stage NFT reveal below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Image Credit: Steve Aoki (via Facebook)

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