Stevie J. Involved In Minor Car Accident, Driver Says He Lied About Having Insurance

If you've never been in a car accident, count yourself lucky. Dealing with insurance companies—if the other driver is insured at all—can become a headache as policyholders are given the run-around. A driver has shared his story of an accident that went from bad to worse with TMZ, claiming that he recently had a literal run-in with former Love & Hip Hop star Stevie J. The driver says that he's trying to take care of the damage left by the hip hop producer, but now no one will answer his calls.

Here's how it all apparently went down: While Stevie was exiting a Los Angeles gym parking lot he got stuck by a ticket machine as he was attempting to exit. He reportedly put his Mercedes SUV in reverse to back himself out of the predicament but ended up crashing into a car behind him. The other driver tells TMZ that Stevie admitted that he was at fault and showed his identification, but stated that he didn't have his insurance card with him.

Stevie J. Involved In Minor Car Accident, Driver Says He Lied About Having Insurance
Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Stevie tried to get his wife, Faith Evans, to bring him the insurance card but she was too busy. He allegedly gave the motorist his insurer's name and the two parties went their ways. The damage to the driver's car was approximately $4,000 and he submitted his claim, but the insurance company told him there was a problem. Stevie isn't listed on Faith's policy so his claim was rejected. The driver has texted the former reality star and left messages, but he says he can't get ahold of Stevie.

However, TMZ was able to get a response from Stevie who said that he's not at fault at all. His story is that the driver rammed into the back of his Mercedes. Unfortunately, the police weren't called to the scene because the driver reportedly trusted Stevie. The parking lot employees took down an incident report and the driver states that his insurance company is planning on taking legal action against Mr. J. You can look at photos of the damage here.

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