Stormy Daniels' Upcoming Memoir Will Feature Trump Affair Details

Stormy Daniels was a guest on 'The View' today where she announced she was releasing a memoir titled "Full Disclosure" where she will be telling her full story. Descriptions from the bookseller's website state that the star will dive deep into her childhood and how she got into the porn industry. The memoir is 288 pages long and will be hitting stands on October 2nd. 

The porn star says she will discuss her legal stand-off with the President and give detailed accounts of their alleged affair. A blurb on the Barnes And Nobel website says that she will include "everything about the events that led to the nondisclosure agreement and the behind-the-scenes attempts to intimidate her."

Daniels is currently involved in a case with the President where she states that he paid her $130,000 to keep their sex encounter silent. Now, Daniels wants out of the contract. Trump has fought to end the lawsuit completely and says every accusation is a lie. Perhaps the memoir will shed some light on the situation.

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