Styles P Hits The Breakfast Club, Talks Middle Age, New Album & More

Styles P has been a fixture in the rap game for two decades now, holding it down with a steady stream New York hip-hop. Seldom deting from the D-Block aesthetic, P has consistently kept it real for his fans, living up to the Gangster & Gentleman mantra he originated all those years ago  (don't sleep on that album). Today, Pinero has stopped by the Breakfast Club to promote his recent album G-Host, which has already been earning acclaim from day ones and newcomers alike. As it happens, Styles icy exterior is kept on wax as he kicks f the interview in a borderline jolly mood. 

Immediately kicking things f with a disclaimer that his knees are indeed out, P proceeds to wax poetic about the physical inconveniences middle age, particularly that stubborn fat that always seems to pile up around the obliques. "Love handles suck," groans P, "I don't really mind a little front pouch, if you don't got love handles. It's a little character, your frame is still good." Clearly, P isn't down with his changing body. "When you middle aged, and you a male, and your back hurt and you start grunting when you bending down, you gotta start checking that. It could go all the way downhill from here."

After all, Styles is no stranger to health, having opened his own Juice bar with Jadakiss and Angela Yee. For fans, this is a must watch, as Styles is in fine form, mixing up the jokes with a steady stream OG knowledge. For more from Styles, including insight into his latest album, check the full interview below.

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