Submit Your Music For The "Heat Seekers" Contest: Week Seven Artist Spotlights

Our "Heat Seekers" contest is entering it's seventh week, which means there's only one month left for new artists to submit their music in hopes of winning the grand prize - a studio session with one of the game's best producers at the HNHH studio.

Dedicated to highlighting talented TuneCore artists, each contributor will have a shot at landing a spot on our ever-growing playlist, in addition to being eligible for the exclusive studio session.

You could be the next featured artist, as the "Heat Seekers" contest will be running up until June 7th. All you have to do is sign up here and distribute your upcoming release through TuneCore, be it a single, EP, album, or mixtape. The entire grand prize studio experience will also be filmed and shared on our home page in June - so submit your music now!

As we kick off Week 7 of the contest, today we'll be highlighting three TuneCore artists - Sincerely Collins, Lil Dred and Hairo G.

About TuneCore

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Sincerely Collins


Sincerely Collins, a self-described visionary, alien, wordsmith, genius and wizard, has dealt with adversities since he was born. Collins' mother disappeared when he was just two years old, and he was forced to survive homelessness while growing up in Phoenix, Arizona. He ultimately dedicated his focus to music and released his first mixtape "Destroyer" in 2015.

“I pull from a place where I feel artists nowadays don't really know how to pull from," he says. "I speak from my heart.”

“I've been through adversity, but that leads me to what I would tell that young person who's asking me how to get through what I did, why he should keep going, why she should fight through it.”

Lil Dred


Lil Dred, a Miami native, is known for his EP Hosted by the Streets and the single "No Shone," on which he collaborated with former University of Miami football player/current Cleveland Browns defensive end, Chad Thomas. Dred and Chad also released a track called “Hurt Nobody” in 2015 which featured fellow Miami native Rick Ross.

Since getting serious with his music at the age of 18, Lil Dred (now 25) has seen his SoundCloud following grow to over 32,000 followers. His most recent album, "L.L. Cool Dred," dropped in February of 2018.

Hairo G


Hairo G is an independent MC (as well as an engineer and producer) from Morningside Heights, Harlem. He made a name for himself with the release of his EP “Smoke, Drink, Chill… Type Shit”, in 2016.

Hairo G has 17 years of experience creating and engineering music, constantly working on his craft. He is also known on the Upper West Side of NYC for his consistent performances in neighborhood lounges and bars, as well as performances on the Queen Of Hearts vessel docked on Pier 36.

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