Subtronics Drops Brutal New EP Off Never Say Die Black Label – 'Wook Laser'

My experience with Subtronics goes deep. Like deeper than anyone could imagine. Many moons ago we were actually roommates. As I stayed up all hours the night writing for this (at the time) small blog, he stayed up honing his production ability. We would ultimately move our different ways after a few years but during our time living together, I saw Subtronics develop his sound and go from bedroom producer to legitimate influencer in the dubstep community. When I saw he finally got his first NSD Black Label release, it was near emotional. Just because I know how damn hard he worked to get it.

Wook Laser is a 4 track EP that encapsulates everything that is right in Riddim at the current moment. The genre that is best described as rhythmic dubstep has seen an unbelievable explosion in popularity over the last 2 years, and Subtronics has been one the artists leading the charge.

Throughout the EP mind-bending sound design can be heard around every corner. In some cases, especially on the track ‘Blastin', I found myself stunned by the complexity the elements featured within. Subtronics did not hold back on this one as each track is more impressive than the last. One the coolest parts being involved in the music industry is seeing your homies really start to succeed, and with this new EP I can finally say that Subtronics is a true heavy hitter in the bass music scene today.

Check out the full EP below.

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