Suge Knight & The Pirus Tried & Failed To Avenge 2Pac

According to Suge Knight affiliate Mob James, everybody knew that it was Orlando Anderson who did 2Pac from the second he snuffed the legend out in Las Vegas.

The incident shortly sparked a conflict in LA between the Anderson's South Side Crips and the Pirus that price a number of lives.

But Suge and firm didn't get Anderson, as a result of Anderson knew they have been coming.

"Lots of people ask me should you y'all know Orlando did it, why didn't you get Orlando. Well, Orlando didn't sit in a single spot smoking weed ready on these mob n***** to come back for him. No, he wasn't in his hood," James informed Vlad TV.

Orlando died a pair years later in an unrelated incident.

"If we had our approach, we'd have gotten him," James lamented.

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