Suge Knight’s Son Says Tupac Is Dead But Still Releasing New Music

The circumstances regarding Tupac Shakur's death are still so cloudy. We don't really know what happened on the last night of his life and we probably never will. Because of that, people have always come through with conspiracy theories about who killed the rap superstar and whether or not he's actually gone. Some popular theories include the fact that Suge Knight was his murderer and others state that Pac is actually still alive, living in Cuba or Malaysia. Several months ago, those statements were furthered when Suge Knight's own son claimed that Pac was still breathing, camping out in Malaysia and planning to drop an album. After giving the situation some thought, Suge Knight Jr. has switched up and he now says that Pac is deceased but that music is still on the way.

Suge Knight's Son Says Tupac Is Dead But Still Releasing New Music
S. Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

During a new interview with Los Angeles' Real 92.3 radio crew, Suge's son spoke about the New Death Row and the lessons he learned from his dad. Speaking on his previous claims about Tupac, Knight Jr. kept his lips sealed but he did note that he believes Pac actually did die on that fateful night and that an unreleased album is still in the works. 

After being asked if unreleased music is on the way from Tupac, the younger Suge simply said, "correct." Elsewhere in the interview, he reveals that he no longer believes Pac is living in Malaysia. Watch the full clip below where the Tupac conversation begins at the 15-minute mark.


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