Super Duper Reveals Indie Melodic "VHS" EP

While the name Super Duper may be new to you, it’s easily noticed that he has the talent to make you relive countless emotions with his blissfully creative future melodic sound which incorporates indie elements. Described by the Huffington Post as “lush and emotive,” the Nashville-based producer makes a huge splash with this impressive new collection tracks.

Titled the VHS EP, Super Duper blends the best parts indie style writing with Odesza-esque inspiration for an impressive 5 track EP which will take you on a nostalgic trip emotion. Kicking f with titular track “VHS,” you’re instantly greeted with warm memories late spring and early summer days. From chattering children to bright and uplifting keys and vocal chops that are eerily similar to the olden summer house vibe meeting indie melodic production, instantly Super Duper captivates you.

Following up with tracks like “Far From Falling” and “Galileo,” the indie dance vibes continue to flow with rhythmic vocal chops and mesmerizing live instrumentation that is both familiar but completely unique. Even choosing to incorporate upbeat trumpet lines in his track “Far From Falling” and a pan flute in “Galileo,” Super Duper transcends with his sound selection for a captivating style that is completely untouched.

Finishing up with his single “Flower” and his finale “Rest In Peace,” the VHS EP comes to a satisfying end with each track. First hitting us with some glitchy vibes similar to Mija meets DROELOE, “Flower” is an interesting break from the normal future bass formula that incorporates all styles energy and progressions that draw you in, while “Rest In Peace” is a much more downtempo style track which is closer to Kasbo in stylistic choices and use pads.

Super Duper’s VHS EP is, at the end the day, a refreshing new sound and style which does what an EP should: captivate all types energy, sound and emotion and showcase an artist’s versatility. While keeping with one unique style individual to Super Duper himself, he still is able to reach across multiple styles to evoke a plethora emotions and draw out all assortments memories whether it be from happy summer days or thoughtful winter nights. This EP is definitely one to check out, especially for fans names like Illenium, Odesza, Slow Magic and more.

You can check out the full EP below and keep up with Super Duper as he continues to illicit tear jerking and smile inducing reactions to his particular style and sound.

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