"Super Smash Bros. Infinite" Trailer Debuts, Every Character From Franchise Included

The biggest video game convention in the world, E3, recently concluded in Los Angeles and gamers around the world have quite a bit to digest. Nintendo, Sony, and Microst came with their best foot forward, and announced a number games that will undoubtedly become an addiction for gamers. Nintendo has one the best presentations in comparison to the other two companies, but out all the amazing announcements that were made this week, one game is getting the attention the entire gaming community. Super Smash Bros. Infinite. 

Everybody has at least one friend who thinks they are the G.O.A.T. Super Smash Bros. player (me being one those people). Since the first Super Smash Bros. was released on N64, gamers became obsessed with the large levels, addicting combos, hilarious item drops, and competitive battles. As the years passed, Nintendo introduced a new Super Smash Bros. to gamers with every new system they released. Now, the Switch is getting the Smash Bros. treatment. Super Smash Bros. Infinite will feature every single character from previous games, as well as a few new ones. That means there will be no more excuses for players who claim their favorite character is only available on another system. Check out the new trailer for Super Smash Bros. Infinite below, and pick up the brawler when it hits shelves on December 7th. 

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