'Superdiscoteca' by Myd is the new soundtrack to your adventures in the sun

French mainstay Myd, of Club Cheval fame, has come full circle with his addition to Ed Banger Records.

Busy P's seminal imprint has welcomed Quentin Lepoutre with open arms and following on from two original EPs and a bunch of remixes, Myd returns with 'Superdiscoteca', the new soundtrack to your adventures in the sun.

We caught up with Myd to chat about the EP and we also have a premiere of the title track. If you don't like catchy, summer-infused music with a spring in its step, you'd best not listen to this, you won't be able to stop.

Grab Superdiscoteca' by Myd here

What was your inspiration for the EP? Tell us a bit about it.

In my first two EPs, I focused on finding my sound and injecting the right amount of pop into it. Now that I feel comfortable with that, I want to bring that sound into the Club realm. That’s what I call “discotechno”. I also think that playing sets every weekend lead into that.

How does it feel being part of the Ed Banger family, it seems like a perfect fit.

It’s even better than I imagined. I found my place in the family: I’m the weird old, slightly drunken uncle, that makes you laugh but you also pay attention to when he has a stroke of genius.

Do you think your sound has changed or evolved since being part of Ed Banger.

My sound evolves and will always evolve. Thankfully, otherwise I would get bored. But the truth is that I approached Ed Banger with my EP ‘All Inclusive’ knowing that I had found my sound, as if my Padawan training was complete.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

I try to make my studio as practical and as close to my sound as possible. I buy a lot of guitar pedals. I will also tour as a DJ and will be playing in Asia and the US, and of course in Europe.

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