Support for pill testing grows with minister's endorsement in Australia

Pill testing in Australia has taken another positive step forward, with a Northern Territory minister stating it should be made available at music festivals.

NT Assistant Police Minister Jeff Collins said there had been a lot measures "to try and reduce the number pills taken, including sniffer dogs and the like."

"But the fact remains that young people are still taking these pills at music festivals in particular and they don't know what's in them," he said, the reports.

Allowing drugs to be analysed could prevent their use, rather than encourage it, he said: "I'd really hate to see some young person take a pill that they have no idea what's in it. They've been sold (it) by some stranger who's just out there to make a prit."

Mr Collins is part an NT committee on harm reduction strategy that travelled to Portugal last year to examine the impact drug decriminalisation.

The NT, which Darwin is the capital, is far removed from Australia's biggest festival scenes on the east coast, but it shows in support the harm minimisation method down under.

Australia's , the nation's capital, last month, finding in two samples.

Pill testing appears to have very little chance under the , which Sydney is the capital, while Victoria (where Melbourne is the capital) has a state election later this year, so it's unlikely any moves would be made prior to that.

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