Swedish House Mafia & Jacob Mühlrad reunite for the release of ‘One Symphony’: Listen

Kick-starting the new year in the most unique of ways, legendary trio Swedish House Mafia have just unveiled their recomposition of ‘One,’ a track that has arguably shaped the group’s presence since its release over a decade ago. Taking it that one level further, the legendary DJ/producers have reunited with fellow Swedish art music composer, Jacob Mühlrad, and in turn have blessed fans alike with an orchestral masterpiece entitled ‘One Symphony.’

Having taken us all by surprise with the only recent release of an extended mix to their hit collaboration with The Weeknd, ‘Moth To A Flame,’ we cannot help but once more count our blessings when it comes to one of the dance scene’s most influential acts. With their official return a pivotal moment within our community, this latest release has come nearly three years since the iconic trio first presented ‘One Symphony’ to the world, whist performing their reunion shows that kick-started in their homeland, and the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm in particular.

A truly mesmersing rendition in every sense possible, ‘One Symphony’ further demonstrates the power hidden within the art of music, and in turn has allowed a timeless classic in the form of ‘One,’ to reach a level that at first glance would seem impossible, due to the nature and identity of the original. Providing all the elements that we know and love, Mühlrad has incorporated a subtle but yet cinematic sound, whilst the ever-captivating aura of an orchestral symphony, has most definitely made this latest release one to stand out.

Out now, ‘One Symphony’ will have listeners embark on the most meaningful of journeys, with the original track’s authenticity a key element in this latest recomposition. The most perfect of touches to a song that is written with golden letters within the dance industry and not only, be sure to check out this flawless release below, and don’t forget to leave us your own opinion in the comments section.


Image Credit: Therese Öhrvall (via Billboard.com)

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