Sylvester Stallone Will Fight War On Drugs In "Rambo 5"

Sylvester Stallone switches between iconic roles because he's kept in shape and the public loves his toothy smile. After years speculation, Deadline reports that the 71 year old actor is set to return to the Rambo franchise for its fifth instalment. Avi Lerner's Millennium Films looks to be the production house poised to see this project through. Apparently, he has been making his pitches heard at Cannes, with a September shooting schedule in mind. Stallone has left the business planning to Lerner while he works on the script. Bare in mind, a director has not been chosen out a long list candidates. If scheduling permits, I would assume this project would a be point interest for many auteurs familiar with the genre.

Rambo 5 is expected to place on the U.S./Mexico border. When a friend John Rambo's daughter goes missing, the vigilante is thus thrust into action. The search brings him face to face with a powerful Mexican Drug Cartel. The Rambo franchise tends to borrow from actual Global conflicts, normally taking the sympathetic side the victim. First Blood came out in 1982, and has since become part our Collective consciousness as movie-goers. Keep it peeled for further announcements.

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