SZA Claps Back At Fan Calling Her Homeless

Being in the public eye comes with its pros and cons, especially in today's social media age. Celebrities share their most intimate and care-free moments with fans their socials, often times to their detriment. As expected, fans often take the opportunity to poke fun at their favorite celebrities. With some even going onto blatantly sharing their opinions about celebrities they do not really like. And although a lot of celebrities simply continue living their lives, some return the favor and clap back. As such, today's clap back of the day goes to Top Dawg Entertainment-signee SZA.

The singer shared a photo of herself holding a sleeping toddler. In the aforementioned post, the singer is seen cuddling the baby while sporting a white fitted cap along with a snug blanket. A fan decided to go straight for SZA's neck by asking her if she was homeless. It seems the fan chose the wrong day to come for SZA's neck because the singer decided to reply. In defense of her accoutrement, the "CTRL" artist let the fan know she was far from homeless but instead opted for comfortable wear that day. It's okay SZA, sometimes you just want to chill in your comfy clothes--we get it.

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