T.I. Claps Back At Trolls For Body Shaming Wife Tiny Harris: "Yall Got Me Fucked Up"

tsT.I.'s hard-nosed reputation precedes. Just watching him stop and frisk a Gucci-wearing bystander the other day, loaded up the speedometer. His convictions are rarely ill-conceived. His commentary seldom falls flat, even the stronger impulses of the bunch.

When T.I. uses social media to call foul on society's perceived ills, there's always a sense that fisticuffs or even stronger convictions could pop off at any moment. His words literally jump off the page, and it's not only because he types in all caps 33% of the time.

The activity meter on his Instagram feed has been riotous the past couple days, all stemming from the fact he's been posting pictures of his family. Just two days ago, T.I. was forced to set a troll straight who'd insulted his daughter Zonnique. 

The "sonning" sounded off like a thunderous clap, only to be upstaged by a 2nd "clap back" he mustered 15 hours ago. This time his rant concerned lewd comments that were made about his wife's appearance. She was pictured next to T.I and the rest of the family squadron in the aforementioned family uploads.

"Ok,maybe this is a teachable moment... What do y’all really hope to achieve by coming on my page speaking ill of my wife under a picture of my family???? WTF make y’all think I’m just gon let y’all Try ME & MINES????" he questioned rhetorically.

Several of T.I.'s word selections conveyed a sense of alarm: the inference of a teachable moment, the use of All Caps, and the use of the word "restraint," no different in its essentialist form than i"YALL GOT ME FUCKED UP SHAWTY... Be out here shaped like a whole 2liter Peach Faygo and got the nerve to make critical, disrespectful comments about MINES?!?! I obviously love it and have loved it for over 18yrs now..." he continued.

To cap things off, TIP signaled a beginning of the end: a final threshold of tolerance. At worst, social media runs the risk of losing T.I.'s presence over what... a powderless keg of meaningless insults, I certainly hope not.

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