T.I.’s Sister Precious Harris’ Death Caused By Cocaine Use

The death of Precious Harris this year left members of the Harris family mourning her loss for months. T.I., Tiny, their children, and members of their extended family were close to Precious and have noted how she left a positive lasting impression on everybody she interacted with. Precious got into a car accident in February and doctors tried to keep her alive for about a week afterwards. Unfortunately, the damage was too severe and she died as a result of the injuries. After being examined by a specialist, Precious' cause of death has become more clear and it appears as though drugs had a role in her passing.

T.I.'s Sister Precious Harris' Death Caused By Cocaine Use
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According to TMZ, a medical examiner has determined that Precious Harris died from "cocaine toxicity which aggravated hypertensive cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure.)" The report expands by saying that her high blood pressure caused an abnormal heart rhythm, which ultimately restricted blood flow to her organs and, most importantly, her brain. Precious also reportedly suffered from several other diseases that impacted her lungs and kidneys. 

Since her death, T.I., Tiny and the rest of the family have left touching tributes on their social media accounts for her. They chose to halt production on their reality show to give everybody time to grieve before continuing on their Family Hustle.

Precious Harris was 66-years-old at the time of her passing. Rest in peace.

T.I.'s Sister Precious Harris' Death Caused By Cocaine Use
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