T.I. Says Arrest Hurt His Image, Hopes Someone Will Take Responsibility

Despite having only been arrested for a misdemeanor, especially one that was made out to be much worse than it actually was, T.I. is still having to deal with the consequences the event. 

He was arrested on the 16th May for allegedly being drunk and attempting to fight a security guard outside this gated community where he lived. T.I. disputed these charges, saying that he never attempted to fight the guy at all, but the story was already in the media and spreading like wildfire. 

TMZ caught up with T.I. in West Hollywood yesterday evening, where T.I. explained the effects that an incident like that can have on his career. When asked about a recent petition that sought to have his arrest removed from the record, T.I. said, "People who fought fed cases don't lost sleep over no misdemeanor, especially when they're trumped-up. But I appreciate it!"

"I spent a lot time reconstructing my image from my past transgression, so I could do deals with other corporations," T.I. continued. "Then you throw me out there like I'm just drunk, beating up on people, and that ruins future possible opportunities for me. If you take money f my table, it can't be whole again until you replace it. So who's going to replace it is the question."

It seems the arrest hasn't hurt T.I. too much pressionally, as he was invited to present at the recent Billboard Awards, where he made a joke about his arrest. Check out the video T.I. below. 

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