T.I. Shades Upcoming Gucci Mane Biopic, Calls Trap Music Debate "Idiocy"

While arguments have been presented from both sides, T.I. and Gucci Mane continue to subtly and respectively suggest that they are the rightful creators trap music. As the subgenre hip-hop has blown up in the last few years, Guwop and Tip debated earlier in the year over social media to determine who coined the term at an earlier date. The debate ended without a clear winner but, if you ask Brian Grazer, he would tell you that Gucci takes the crown as the "progenitor  trap." The film director is working on a Gucci biopic, detailing his story and likely focusing on his role in the invention trap music but when TMZ reached out to T.I. for a comment, he noted that he was also fered a similar biopic.

TMZ caught up with the Paper Trail rapper to speak about the origins trap music and the upcoming Gucci Mane biopic, to which Tip claimed that he's already said enough, adding, "It's idiocy to continue to go out and toss around opinions in the face facts." He goes on to reveal that Brian Grazer had asked him to film a biopic a while ago but that he turned it down, stating that he wasn't interested. T.I. refrains from bringing up Gucci's name throughout the video, slightly shading him and saying, "I guess Brian] found somebody who wanted to do their biopic.]"

Do you think Gucci or T.I. is more worthy a film detailing their story?

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