Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

Monica's Back On Her Feet (Literally)

Still recovering from her recent foot surgery, Monica is back and more motivated than ever to show her fans that she's ready to take the stage again. Getting ready to perform for VH1's Dear Momma show, Monica hypes herself up for her first ever post-op performance. 

"Listen, the call was unexpected...but y'all know me. I'm gonna make it happen," says Monica, not willing to let her recovery time get in the way of her professional plans. In addition to preparing for her upcoming performance, Monica is also busy putting the finishing touches on her "Commitment" music video viewing party. 

"This video is super important," says Monica. "You know, it's my first video independent. I'm the artist, I'm the CEO...and the funder of all things. It's no joke, and I want everything to go great and be viewed the right way." 

Not surprisingly, Monica hits her stride on stage and wows the audience with an emotional performance of her classic hit, "Angel of Mine." 

"It feels so good to be back on stage," says Monica, rightly proud of her performance. "And with my mom sittin' there in support of my and my daughter right on the side of me, that's just an indescribable feeling, and that only makes me more excited for this release party back in Atlanta."

Tiny And Toya Tease Ryder

Ready to share Ryder with the world, Tiny and Toya hit up Atlanta's own Majic 107.5 radio station to tease her new single, "I F----- Love You." Jittery with nerves, Tiny sits back and lets the radio host spin the single for the first time. 

"I'm feelin' the pressure because it's the first time, outside of my family that anyone's heard Ryder's music," says Tiny, wary of the public's reaction to her alter ego's new music. "This is my first time really going full-fledged with anything solo. I'm puttin' myself out there and I just hope people like it." 

Thankfully, Tiny's nervousness proved to be unfounded as Ryder's new single made waves with its old school, throwback sound. Unsure of her next steps regarding her solo act, Tiny admits that because she's been so occupied with King's tour, she hasn't given Ryder the space needed to develop a groundbreaking debut performance. 

And as for a Ryder x Tip collaboration, Tiny's definitely still on the fence about linking up on stage with her man. 

The Girls Go Wine Tasting 

Finally getting their busy schedules in line, Toya, LeToya, Monica and Tiny set aside some time to meet up for a day drinking session/wine tasting. After dishing about Monica's upcoming video viewing party, the conversation take a serious turn when Toya brings up Reginae's problems with processing the extreme negativity present social media. Desperate to help her daughter get through this tough time, Toya lets the girls know that she's set up a counseling session for her daughter and they immediately voice their support. 

Tommi's Devastating News

Unfortunately, Tommi's family is currently struggling to process the news of his mother's declining health. "My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2016," explains Tommi. "Her health has not been going too well as of late. It's been tough on the family...knowing that my mother has always been a strong woman, and to see her wheelchair bound right now and bedridden...it really does break my heart to see her like that. They can't do any chemo no more. She's in a whole lot of pain." 

Ready to lend her support to her husband, LeToya agrees to handle business at home and take care of their daughter, Gigi while Tommi returns to Houston to spend some quality one-on-one time with his mother. 

Reginae's And Toya's Counseling Session 

Struggling with her identity and sense of self-worth, Reginae agrees to attend a counseling session at her mother's insistence. After almost immediately bursting into tears, Reginae levels with her psychiatrist that she wants to return to the fun-loving woman she was in her past. 

Throughout the session, Reginae begins to uncover the reasons behind her guarded, quick-to-anger nature. Revealing that she doesn't know how to approach her "intimidating" father, (Lil Wayne) Reginae admits that such uncertainty impacts her current romantic relationships as she continually feels insecure about her emotions being received (and met) by her partner. 

In addition to prodding her daughter to seek help, Toya also attends a therapy session in order to help sort out her commitment issues. Wondering about whether or not she's willing to take the plunge and walk down the aisle with Red, Toya is determined to not become another statistic by filing for divorce down the line. 

"I just wanna be a better person for myself, and a better person for Red," says Toya. 

YouTube Stars? 

Diversifying their profiles, BFFs Reginae and Niq Niq try their hand at becoming YouTube stars. Unsurprisingly, their first video is far from polished and the two clearly have some serious work to do if they want to succeed in the world of social media superstardom. Testing out her new outlook, Reginae doesn't care about the production quality of their videos because she's more focused on the positivity and fun involved in their filming sessions. 

"It feels good to create something positive and fun and to do it with my friend for social media because there's just a lot of negativity in this world," says Nae. 

Toya Levels With Red 

Inspired by her recent therapy session, Toya admits to Red that she's very well aware of her own hangups regarding marriage. 

"I feel guilty about how I keep casually dismissing marriage," Toya says to Red, apologizing for her refusal to walk down the aisle. Ever the supportive husband, Red gently reminds Toya that they can "do this whole thing and never get married." Thankfully, marriage is not a deal-breaker for Red. 

Viewing Party 

Finally, the day is here-- Monica's much-awaited viewing party for her first independent single, "Commitment." "With all the hard work I've put into this project, it's gonna be well worth it...especially if this music video is received well, the way I would like it to be," says Monica.

Much to Monica's delight, the crowd goes wild with approval after the video fades to black. 

After all-- who wouldn't agree with Monica's lyrics about searching for some good sex and commitment?