T.I. Unleashes "Old Head Energy" On Kodak Black: "About My Old Lady…"

T.I.'s stance hasn't changed one bit. The veteran ATL rapper all but pledged his dedication to seeing this Kodak Black feud to the bitter end. He made those feelings known in the following Instagram Live session, where he showed some level of compassion for Kodak Black, but felt it was still his duty to play the surrogate father role he never had in his early 20s.

In case you were living under a rock for the past 5 or 6 days, T.I. and Kodak Black have no deep-seated history of turmoil between them. Their feud came to a head a few hours after Kodak made those ill-conceived remarks towards "widow" Lauren London.

T.I. Unleashes "Old Head Energy" On Kodak Black: "About My Old Lady..."

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

To be fair, T.I. wasn't the only public figure to call for Kodak's head in the aftermath of his IG Live session. The remarks cost him a Los Angeles-area boycott of his music, and several other broken bridges, too many to list at once. But when it comes to social commentary, no one has a wider audience than T.I, not even Michael Rapaport who probably comes in a close 4th or 5th in the race.

Within a few days, Kodak Black and TIP had already tossed the potato back and forth to no end, leading up to this very moment. In T.I's latest retort, he insists that he "sees himself in this," while assuming a preacher's tongue that he likely picked up after pushing up on the local pastor's wife. "I want to handle him the way he would handle me... and I owe him that same respect, so I'ma go hard," he opined in deference to his old lady, a nod to Tiny Harris and in this instance, Nipsey Hussle's loving relationship with Lauren London. 

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