Tadoe Threatens To "Ja Rule" 6ix9ine's Career In Menacing Rant

Once again, 6ix9ine has found himself on the receiving end a heated tirade. While currently embroiled in a war words with nemesis Trippie Redd over some straight up he-said-she-said, the rainbow haired rapper has once again caught the ire Glo Gang solider Tadoe. Not far removed from the now notorious "I Kill People!" threat, it would appear that Tadoe has doubled down his efforts. Akademiks has captured Tadoe's latest threats, and from the sound it, he's more incensed than ever before.

Initially, Tadoe challenged 6ix9ine to a straight up one-on-one fight, claiming "we don't internet beef and do all this back and forth, none this shit, you dyed hair fag." He continues along those lines, stating "you steady want to say my name, get up with me 1 on 1, me and you TASHIKI! Gun play, fight, all that shit, whatever you want to do. Rap battle? I'm not with none that shit, no Instagram beefing, get up with me folk! Leave my fuckin name out your mouth before I kill you. Matter fact, this what I'ma do, I'ma kill your homies...I finna go to New York, I finna show you how we get down." 

The verbal assault isn't finished. Tadoe eventually threatens 6ix9ine with a gruesome fate. "I'ma Ja Rule your motherfuckin' career," he boasts, "50 Cent your ass." He closes out by reiterating his fer for a one on one, which seems like a bad play for the brazen 6ix9ine. To be honest, this one feels like it might escalate into something ugly. As now, Tekashi has yet to issue a response. 

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