Teairra Mari Has Reportedly Visted Police Detectives Over Leaked Sex Tape

Having a sex tape leak to the internet can be a seriously traumatic event, especially for a female celebrity. The fallout Love & Hip-Hop star, Teairra Mari's, tape leaking has so far led to a lawsuit targeting her ex-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, for leaking the tape online, and 50 Cent for reporting an image the tape on his Instagram account.

While the lawsuit continues with the help Lisa Bloom, a famed women's rights lawyer, Teairra is taking all the necessary steps to ensure that whoever violated her privacy like this will face the consequences her actions. According to Bossip, Teairra has been reportedly talking to L.A.P.D. detectives, attempting to file criminal charges towards those she believes are responsible.

50 for his part, is absolutely unfazed by the lawsuit, refusing to quit joking even under threat legal action. He should honestly be careful though, as reposting a sex tape was what got Gawker taken down in 2016.

Teairra reportedly spent several hours with the detectives, giving a detailed statement how everything went down. As now, no criminal charges have been filed against Abdul-Ahad or 50. If the police are looking for leads, maybe they should start by asking Abdul-Ahad himself, as it seems that he's fully aware as to who it was who leaked her tape.

No matter how Teairra's lawsuit ends up in the end, it appears that she's definitely in it for the long haul in order to get justice against those who violated her privacy.

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