Teairra Mari Tells The Court She’s "Broke Broke" In Legal Battle With 50 Cent: Report

Teairra Mari's been doing her best to avoid paying 50 Cent in the revenge porn case she filed against him. Since the judgment was made, Fif's hounded the singer-turned-reality show star on social media and in court to get his money. She's made it quite clear that she doesn't have any intention on paying 50 Cent back, even launching a campaign called "I Ain't Got It" to further her point. Unfortunately, it appears as though she really ain't got it since she admits that she's broke to the court.

According to The Blast, Teairra Mari is broke, like, broke broke, and that's the reason why she can't cough up any money to 50 Cent. Fofty's previously demanded a judge intervene and force the reality show star to pay him the $30K in legal fees as well as an additional $25K for the trouble she's caused. 

Last month, she finally turned over her financial documents. After further examination, Mari allegedly claimed that she's "broke broke" and not able to cough up the judgment. The judge then asked about her sources of income, as well as her property and assets. She said that she made $8K per episode of Love & Hip Hip and made $100K last season. She also claimed that her boyfriend's covered her rent for a while and that she recently moved in with him. Additionally, she claimed that with the exception of her phone bill, she's had to rely on other people to cover her rent.

50 Cent responded, claiming that she's either careless with money or “actively hiding her assets” to avoid payment." He's begging the judge to not believe Mari's story and force her to cough up the additional $25K on top of the $30K she already owes him. 

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