Teairra Marí's Ex-Boyfriend Allegedly Knows Who Leaked The Sex Tape

Akbar Abdul-Ahad maintains his innocence in sordid affair involving Teairra Marí and a leaked sex tape. The former Idaho State basketball player made his feelings known in a video picked up by TMZ. In it, he makes bold assertion that not only is he not the culprit, but he knows the true identity the person who leaked the tape, a woman whose name "will be revealed" in good time.

Akbar Abdul-Ahad says his ex Teairra Marí is well aware the fact, but is now solely concentrated on her legal case against 50 Cent. Abdul-Ahad  doesn't see a point in dragging 50 into the defamation suit, his opinion is that high-powered attorney Lisa Bloom simply has a "hard on" for the rapper. Abdul-Ahad goes onto question the character his ex-girlfriend, insisting that she's putting on an act, that they've hung out on friendly terms as recently as last week, days before the suit was filed. Akbar plans to countersue over accusations made during Teairra Marí's press conference this past week. Marí's described the situation as her ex-boyfriend and 50 Cent acting out a coordinated attack. You can view the full transcripted video and Teairra's press conference with Lisa Bloom, down below.

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