Tee Grizzley Shares Dating Advice Comparing Girls To Pizza

Dating can be complicated, but Tee Grizzley seems to have a handle on things. His texting game is on point. The rapper posted a clip on Instagram to show us how to finesse the aftermath an "I love you" text when the object our affection hits us back with a "what do you love about me" response. Faced with what might be an awkward situation in the early stages dating, Grizzley flips the script.

Here's where the pizza comes in. He uses the cool kids' dietary staple to illustrate the situation. Essentially, pizza is tasty. Even if you don't know everything about the pizza you're about to eat, you still have the capability loving it all the same. Check out the smooth texting:

We wouldn't advise anyone to try this at home. Comparing people to pizza is slightly risky. Essentially, it could be saying that you don't care about who they are so long as they're a person. As if the person's being cold, or lacking sauce or whatever else won't deter you. The toppings are probably connected to the person's personality since you already know what the person looks like. Hopefully, that's the case if you're sending "ily" texts. It's low-key shallow. If you happen to be in this situation and follow this advice, please hit us with some receipts.

Now, for the musical slickness, Tee Grizzley gets froze in his music video for "Two Vaults," a Lil Yachty-featured track. He is also featured on our Fire Emoji playlist on Spotify. For more than a lick, Grizzley's full-blown mixtape Activated dropped last month. 

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