TEED Drops His First Track In Years And It Is An Introspective, Glistening Gem

TEED (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) is truly a gift to the world dance music. The British producer has a storied history several successes. He enjoyed time in the main stream limelight with his remix Disclosure's ‘F For You' f their debut LP ‘Settle'. Since then we have not heard much from TEED but that all changed today in an absolutely beautiful way.

‘Leave A Light On' was uploaded to TEED's Soundcloud account and is a single which demonstrations his mastery both sound design and music theory. An introspective, hauntingly beautiful tone is curated within the first seconds the track. The glistening synth elements push tension into the listener's brain as the track progresses, ultimately resulting in a very Chemical Brothers-esque ending. Overall this is a true gift to the world electronic music. Check it out below.

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