The 10 Best Playlist Curators of 2017 | Dance Music Awards 2017

As Spotify won this year's best streaming service 2017, we have also asked our readers to vote for the best playlist curators for the 2017 year. While hip-hop has Rap Car, dance music has a wide variety playlist curators ranging from Austin Kramer's mint playlist to Robaer's EDM HOUSE playlist.

With more than 20,000 voters for this year's Dance Music Awards, here are the best playlist curators 2017.

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Best Playlist Curators 2017

10. Majestic Casual

9. Future House Music

8. Robaer

7. Chill Nation

6. Dubstepgutter

5. NoCopyrightSounds

4. EDM Sauce

3. Spinnin' Records

2. Armada Music

1. Spotify – Austin Kramer's Mint

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