The Cash Me Outside Girl Made Her EDC Las Vegas Debut And The Crowd Was PISSED

EDC Las Vegas is a magical time. In many ways, the festival has helped artists really break out into superstardom. If you draw a good crowd and murder an EDC side stage, your career could really take f. The festival has always been excellent in booking up and coming talent. This year this fact remains the same. Unfortunately, EDC Las Vegas has had a few issues with inviting some artists literally nobody asked for in any way. Last year it was DJ Khaled's weird “WERE IN CALIFORNIA” moment that made headlines. Of course, Yellow Claw played a part in that controversy a little bit, and now the trap duo has found themselves in a bit trouble with crowds once again.

Yellow Claw Brings Out Cash Me Outside Girl, Crowd Almost Riots

Yellow Claw always keeps their sets surprising, but this year they may have missed the mark a little bit. While Danielle Bregoli has somehow found massive success in the world hip-hop, she still remains widely disliked in electronic music. I guess Yellow Claw missed the memo when they brought her out for a guest appearance and song during their set.

Needless to say, the crowd was absolutely pissed. Everyone immediately stopped dancing and looked on in disbelief. Then the booing started. Nobody was pleased with this little surprise. Check out some the videos we were able to find below.

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