The Chainsmokers Join Reddit Speculation About Swedish House Mafia

No matter what anybody does or says, the Swedish House Mafia hype for Ultra’s 20th Anniversary will just not go away. As we’ve said many times there is no concrete evidence that it will happen, but that doesn’t mean fans will stop hoping. If you browse or Ultra’s Facebook group, the speculation is nearly nonstop. The latest post about the topic is a bit unique, since it was started by The Chainsmokers.

Yes, really. The Chainsmokers started a new post on everybody’s favorite Ultra topic on the r/EDM page.

It didn’t take long for fans to notice that, hey, this is actually The Chainsmokers’ verified account asking the question. Quickly, hilarity ensued. Unfortunately the duo didn’t engage in the comments, so obviously they are just trolling everybody. Even if The Chainsmokers veered far from Progressive House, these 2018 headliners are clearly fans the biggest Ultra headliners 2013. Do you think the SHM members are fans The Chainsmokers as well?

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