The Chainsmokers Start To Find Success With Their New Sound In Latest Release

Now I know what y'all are thinking. This new release from The Chainsmokers is going to get panned in this article as it is the current trend these days. That being said while I was not the biggest fan ‘Sick Boy', there is quite a bit that the guys nailed down in ‘You Owe Me'. Continuing to explore their new, more alternative and relaxed sound The Chainsmokers took some risks in their latest productions, most which paid f.

‘You Owe Me' is the first time where I can fully say since the release ‘Paris' that I truly enjoyed the vocals by Drew Taggart. The use auto-tune shockingly fits perfectly with the production. Overall it is a simple track, the beat seems like it could appear as the score in a Wes Andersen movie, but that is one the many reasons why ‘You Owe Me' does just work. It is not an attempt to recreate the wheel, or reinvent a sound. It is just a good song. Something that we too ten do not see these days.

So while The Chainsmokers are definitely experiencing some growing pains after their debut album, it seems that they still are more than capable producing a sound that will get stuck in your head for hours…or even days.

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