The Chainsmokers Tease More New Music in Prague "Eveybody Hates Me"

Currently touring Europe, The Chainsmokers have continued to experiment with their new “band” sound. At a recent show in Prague, the duo played all the recent hits including the most recent pop track “Sick Boy”. In addition to the latest hits, they have been experimenting new songs. Most notably, “Everybody Hates Me” (ID). The track comes f a bit different from “Sick Boy” with more that EDM dance pop infusion. Very similar to much their new stuff as they take their career to a different level and different target audience. With “Memories Do Not Open” in the rearview, The Smokers are showing no signs slowing down!

It seems more and more as time goes on that the “Dreaming” Remix DJ/Producers are gone for good. It is sad, but at the same time, these guys hustled to get where they are for so long and its good to see the fruits their labor paying f catapulting them to international superstars and pop music icons. Since rebranding earlier this year, their new sound seems to have been even more relevant and it looks to continue to be a fixture on Top 100 charts everywhere.

Peep the fan vid below for the teaser and be sure to check back on the ficial drop! As usual, you're welcome.

Photo Cred: RUKES Follow @rukes

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