The Chainsmokers triumphantly return with their first official release in two years with “High”: Listen

In February of 2020, The Chainsmokers officially announced their break from social media as they stated they were stepping away from the bright spotlight that had been shining on them for five years straight so they could work on their 4th studio album. In nearly complete silence away from the public eye with only playing a few shows throughout that time and a few SoundCloud drops, the world knew they were hard at work.

Now, roughly 701 days since that announcement and 784 days since the release of their last single, we can officially say the four words that have been two years in the making. The Chainsmokers are back.

As the first official tease of the upcoming album, the new single is titled “High.” A song that had been teased the past two weeks across The Chainsmoker’s social media but up until earlier this week had no official release date. The song is not only the perfect choice to return triumphantly to the scene, but for Chainsmokers fans of new and old, it proves to everybody why the LA-based duo stands atop the mountain as one of dance music’s greats.

The song begins with a very subtle yet catchy guitar riff. The track quickly jumps into the chorus 30 seconds in and shows off the superb mixture of pop and future bass that The Chainsmokers have been able to blend over the past few years. What continues is a hard-hitting bass that consistently switches beat patterns and keeps the song fresh throughout. “High” features the vocals of the groups’ very own, Drew Taggart, that seem to just fit perfectly with the vibe of the track.

With the song also comes a brand new music video directed by Kid. Studio that is visually stunning. The video starts with Taggart falling from the sky and eventually landing on top of an airplane while chasing a girl. All while, Alex Pall is inside the aircraft trying to convince the crew of Taggart outside. We then are transported to what seems to be a destroyed downtown, Los Angeles. As the two jump from crane to crane we are continually transported back and forth to the setting of the airplane. Ultimately, the video ends with Taggart jumping off a building after the girl and free-falling to the ground.

While there is still no official release date for their fourth studio album, based on what we have heard from “High,” it seems like the “Closer” producers are gearing up to drop their best music yet. As the two said on their Instagram, “We wish we could have made this album 4 years ago.” Well, as the first irritation of the new Chainsmokers era officially out in the open, “High” is a home run.

Watch the official music video of The Chainsmokers new single, “High,” below.

Image Credit: The Chainsmokers/ press

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