The DEA charges Ralo with running a Cross Country drug empire using private jets to traffic the drugs –

Now it all makes sense on how Ralo was having more money than your favorite rappers. The DEA is charging Ralo with running a cross country drug empire; claiming he used private jets to traffic the drugs. Tuesday the judge denied Ralo a bond after he was arrest Sunday on a private jet with over 440 pounds marijuana on board.

Ralo and 8 his associates was named in an 11 page criminal complaint. The documents filed by the DEA claim that back in December Ralo and his associates chartered a jet from Atlanta to Sacarmento, and federal and local surveillance saw them unloading 37 unwrapped packages into a van registered to Ralo’s address. The van was pulled over where 520 pounds marijuana worth over $1 Million dollars was confiscated by federal agents.

Fast forward to Sunday when Ralo was caught with 444 pounds marijuana in a Chrysler 300. Ralo initially ignored agents request and stayed on the plane, but a little later exited the plane into custody.

Soon as we get more info we will relay it to you guys. Prayers up for Ralo, but damn this case seems serious and Ralo is facing real time.

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