The Discovery Channel Playlist Episode 4: Next Gen Soundcloud

Music discovery is a slow and constant grind. Sometimes it's fruitless endeavour too-- given the near-insurmountable amount of new music that drops each week, new artists coming out of the internet wood-work, it can be a case of "where tf do I start???" Mix that with the dwindling attention spans of the millennial generation and younger, and it's tough out here. The Discovery Channel Playlist is an effort to offer the fruits of our Soundcloud-perusing labours, to showcase new voices, new sounds and new styles that are beginning to permeate the hip-hop and r'n'b-soundscape. 

It's been several months since our last instalment (but music is never really "stale" so revisit it here), but we're finally back with a new edition and a new batch of highly undiscovered, or else possibly on the brink (-of-something) artists for you to consume. We've curated the tracklist for the best ear experience possible. Take a look at the full list of artists below, and let us know if there are any immediate favorites.

Stay tuned for our next edition, only God knows when it'll drop ('cause I definitely do not).


1. Kevo Muney - "Don't Know Me" feat. Action Pack AP (@kevomuneymusic)

2. Lil Tecca - "Did It Again" (@liltecca)

3. Yung Kiyno - "Metal Heart" (@yungkiyno)

4. Raka - "Suicide Doors" Prod. by Ryan Jacob & EERA (@rakashadowstar)

5. Asaiah Ziv - "Smile" (@asaiahziv)

6. Lil Zay Osama - "Believe Me" (@lilzayosamamusic)

7. Drayco McCoy - "I Guess" Prod. by Mathaius Young (@draycomccoy)

8. Yung Skrrt - "Look @ Me I'm Hot" feat. Houdinne & Aaron Cartier (@yungskrrt)

9. RealLife - "Abandoned & Burning" (@reallifee)

10. FIFTY GRAND - "Dedication Chant" (@fiftygrand)

11. Iivrson - "Money Callin" (@iivrsonnumba3)

12. Belis - "Sunset" (@belisgo)

13. Lil Wintr - "Cost A Lot" (@lilwintr)

14. Nina Tech - "Faking" (@youngninatech)

15. Qasim Sultan - "Woke" (@qshow)

16. Arlo Parks - "Cola" (@arlo_parks)

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