The Furby Organ Is A Thing That Exists… Should We Be Excited Or Terrified?

There are two types people in this world — the ones who loved and cherished their childhood Furby and the ones who were scared shitless by the sight a Furby.

Luckily, I was blessed with at least five these little critters growing up, so the video I’m about to present to you looks like it came straight out my wildest dreams. For others, this may look more like a horrifying nightmare.

Sam Battle, a musician and inventor under the YouTube account , has taken it upon himself to create The Furby Organ. The Furbies, described as “annoyingly endearing little creatures” and “tragically discarded little dream boats” have finally been repurposed into The Furby Organ after the wild idea sparked seven years ago.

All these once loved toys went through a process called the “formant Furby fusion synthesis brain modification surgery procedure” to become part this one--a-kind music instrument. The mad scientist now has the ability to start and stop the toys, pause them, loop and stutter them, for a result that’s both amazing and terrifying (depending on the type person you are).

We’re not sure what this guy is on, but we sure are happy The Furby Organ is a thing that exists… Just watch!

The Furby Organ


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