The Game Calls Dr. Dre Mid-Interview In True Ride-Or-Die Fashion

It's nearly Game Time, and in honor of his final album Born 2 Rap, The Game swung by the LA Leakers for an extensive interview. While you've likely seen the bars, some of the best material arrises during the conversation itself. Off the bat, Game reflects on Dr. Dre's creative process, praising his prowess as a sound engineer.

"Dre did mix on the album," he reveals, "which is dope, because anytime you got Dre involved in anything, it sounds better. The two songs that Dre mixed on the album, you will know. His shit feels like if you in your car riding solo it feels like I'm in the passenger seat, that's how Dre mix bro. Game gon' be with you on that day. Dre is the best at that. You know, secondary to Dre with that, and not on Dre level - and I'll say it cause nobody on Dre level- DJ Quik is good with that too." 

The Game Calls Dr. Dre Mid-Interview In True Ride-Or-Die Fashion

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

After reflecting on witnessing Quik in action behind the boards, Game explains that he's a worthy go-to guy if Dre's unavailable. And given Dre's own selective nature, getting in touch with him isn't exactly an easy task to begin with. "He's the Wizard of Oz," laughs Game. "You gotta turn into a whole bitch, put on Dorothy dress, and walk the yellow brick road with fuckin' Toto to get to Dre." Game suggests "testing" Dre, busting his phone out for an on-air call. "Let's see man!" he laughs, as he dials. "Let's just see. If he ain't on his yacht, his country-long yacht..."

Dre picks up before the first ring even starts. The sheer efficiency prompts Game to scream in excitement. "I told n***as when I call Dre, he pick up for me! N***a the phone ain't even ring!" Dre responds like only he can. "What's crackin' Game Time?" Game doubles down with an exuberant "Dre I Love You!" the "Start From Scratch" sequel we never expected. "I'm just sitting here lookin' at Muhammad Ali, my n***a" says Dre. "It's all good." 

Check out the wholesome moment below, and be sure to support Game's "West Side" joint right here. Are you excited to hear those two Dre-mixed records?

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