The Game Claps Back At Troll Over "The Evolution Of His Pimpin" Since Grade 5

The Game is as active as they come on social media. When he isn't memorializing Nipsey Hussle, or posing with his children, the Compton-born rapper can be found hitting direct lines with his actual fans. Unfortunately, those exchanges aren't always heavenly sent. Take his latest back-and-forth with an Insta user that muttered "delete" at the suggestion of a young Jayceon Taylor fighting tooth and nail to keep opposing 5th-grade love interests at arm's length from one another.

As you can see in the archived version of the original post (s/o ShadeRoom), The Game brags about one having to contend with two women from rival high schools in the district fighting over his attention. Watch as he refers to his 5th-grade self as "little game" and his current self as "Big game" with the letter B intentionally capitalized for effect.

According to the Compton rapper, nothing much has changed since the 90s, except now the competing love interests are located in area codes that aren't locked by land. Suffice to say, the Insta user in question, _shermarmitchell wasn't particularly impressed with The Game's maturation, so he typed "Deleted." never expecting to see a response.

Little did they know, The Game was surveying the action, allowing him quick access to the expedient thread. In response to _shermarmitchell's contempt, The Game responding by scanning the player hater with a speculative lens. "Says the n***a in the plastic puffy coat & gas station glasses with the car wash towel in the background," was all The Game had to say to quell the infighting, with the risk of burning at the opposite end of the candle fixture, should the exchange escalate any further.

The Game Claps Back At Troll Over "The Evolution Of His Pimpin" Since Grade 5

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

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