The Game Credits "The Documentary" For Motivating Kobe Bryant Before Games

Recently, The Game took to Instagram to reflect on the day that Kobe Bryant historically scored 81 points in one game.  Uploading a photo of the two men together at the start of the match in question, The Game used the opportunity to shed light a moment in history, explaining that Bryant told him that his debut The Documentary album was instrumental in his pre-game ritual.

"This pic was taken before or at the game @kobebryant scored 81...... The Documentary had been out a kool minute on this day," writes Game. When he seen me, he walked over.... thanked me for the motivation & told me the whole album was all he listened to before games. That set the tone for Doctor’s Advocate & I’ll forever be grateful for his contribution to the city."

Soon after, a fan would ask Mamba if this account was, indeed, facts. The basketball legend would reply with a simple, "Yup."

That 81 point game took place on January 22, 2006, when the Lakers faced off with The Raptors to win 122-104. "

"I wanted to step up and help us win this game, and it turned into something special," Bryant would tell reporters afterward. "I was locked in, determined, tuned in to what was going on out there. Not even in my dreams. It's something that just happened. It's tough to explain. I wanted to keep riding the wave."


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