The Game Says He Doesn’t Owe 50 Cent Any Money + Disses Young Buck

The Game is probably the most notorious name dropper in rap, and things have not changed.

Chuck was up at LA Leakers and delivered a freestyle (a real one) over YG's "Go Loko," and he had a few people to shout out. 

While freestyling in Spanish and English, he pointed out that he doesn't f*ck with the trans community like Young Buck. He also made sure to shout out 50, and made it clear that he doesn't owe him any money. 

I ain't kill sh*t, Young Bucked up, But I don't f*ck with.....Shout out to 50, I don't owe that n*gga money and he f*ck with me, n*gga

Peep the freestyle below.

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