The Glitch Mob Drops Unbelievable Remix Of Illenium's Biggest Hit

The Glitch Mob is back and arguably better than ever. The trio artists have once again come together to save the world EDM from repetition. The Glitch Mob is truly a gift to electronic music that we do not deserve. To say that these guys are on another level, is an understatement. All these possibly hyperbolic statements are firmly backed up by their latest remix; a beautiful take on Illenium's biggest hit, ‘Crawl Outta Love'.

The Glitch Mob could have actually eclipsed the pure bliss that was the original mix. Their edit injects a signature style that is instantly recognizable. Annika Wells' vocals are elevated and lightly filter to perfectly accommodate the raw sound approach that the TGM took on this edit. I want to find words to better explain how impressive this track is, but like the best music written text cannot do it justice, check it out below.

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