The Glitch Mob Returns To Former Glory With Cinematic New Album – 'See Without Eyes'

The Glitch Mob is a rare entity in dance music. Far too ten do producers come together to form a supergroup, then egos take over and tank the project after only one solid album. The trio artists who form the mob have stayed dedicated to their personal projects while still finding time every few years to get back together and producer under The Glitch Mob name. The glitch genres do not get as much attention as they should from electronic music as a whole, which is just one the reasons why the return The Glitch Mob is just that much more special.

The Glitch Mob – ‘See Without Eyes'

In their new, 11-track LP the guys explore a multitude styles. These range from the relaxed and pensive, to all-out energetic assaults crashing bass. While many tracks are instantly recognizable as The Glitch Mob, others are so different and unexpected that they through the listener for a loop. This is where the LP starts to get fun. Around midway through ‘See Without Eyes' things start to take unexpected turns.

Tracks like ‘Interbeing' fer a more relaxed, introspective side The Glitch Mob. These deeper cuts not only serve as a place to catch one's breath but also showcase the enigmatic beauty that surrounds the supergroup as a whole.

The Next Steps

The Glitch Mob are known for their live shows. Unbelievable displays musical talent can be seen as the trio recreates their songs through impressive touchscreen controllers. The live shows are arguably the most part that comes with any new release from the mob. Now as they have finally released their new album, they will embark on a full North American tour to blow crowds away at every stop. This album is downright gorgeous to listen to through headphones, so we cannot imagine how powerful it will be when heard live. Check out the full album below.

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