The Guetta-verse: Roblox and Warner Music Announce Avatar DJ Set By David Guetta

When you've graced the stage of practically every music festival and club short of Mars, like David Guetta has, where else to go but the metaverse?

According to a press release, the chart-topping "Titanium" producer has been confirmed to perform a DJ set as his avatar self within the Roblox ecosystem. Created in partnership with Roblox developer Wonder Works Studio and Warner Music Group, Guetta's innovative DJ set will debut this Friday, February 4th at 4PM PT (7PM ET).

"Working on this concert has allowed me to bring an amazing new creation to life with design and production to suit the virtual world," Guetta said. "We’ve built something that will play host to one of the most unique shows I’ve ever done and I can’t wait for everyone to experience it with me."

The performance will be set in an intergalactic-themed virtual space where attendees "can navigate the show through an asteroid-traversing obstacle course" complete with "crystals, neon lights, lazers [sic], holograms, and thumping speakers."

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The Guetta-verse: Roblox and Warner Music Announce Avatar DJ Set By David Guetta

Guetta called the intergalactic-themed performance "one of the most unique shows I’ve ever done."

"The combination of David Guetta, Roblox and the community is going to be an incredibly powerful experience,” said Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer and EVP of Business Development at Warner Music Group. "Immersive and interactive spaces like Roblox enable artists and fans to inhabit the emotional landscapes of their favorite music together. This is what the future will look like—artists and fans building experiences together—and we are proud to help bring it to life."

The news arrives after Warner's participation in a $520 million Series H funding round in Roblox Corporation, which found them sinking an eight-figure investment to accelerate the gaming giant's virtual entertainment endeavors.

Back in September 2020, Guetta announced a similar partnership with Sensorium Corporation to create a series of exclusive avatar performances in the company's immersive PRISM universe. Their social metaverse platform, Sensorium Galaxy, was expected to launch in 2021 but has not yet gone public.

You can enter and peruse the "Guetta-verse" here.

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