“The Most REZZ Thing You’ve Ever Seen”: Space Mom Shares Preview of “Spiral” Tour Production

In seven simple words, REZZ perfectly encapsulated the stunning stage design for her upcoming "Spiral" tour: "the most REZZ thing you've ever seen."

In a short video shared to Twitter this week, REZZ addressed her fans and stated that her next tour production is "the perfect definition of her brand so far." She then follows with a short showcase of her jaw-dropping stage, set to the sounds of her latest single, the Spiral bonus track "MENACE."

During her upcoming tour, attendees will enjoy her hits on a stage highlighted by a spiraling array of lights that surround her in the center of the stage. Hand-in-hand with a large LED display featuring her signature imagery, REZZ's audiovisual arsenal looks to be her most impressive yet and a perfect accouterment for new releases like "Chemical Bond," and "Vortex."

REZZ's "Spiral" tour kicks off on February 18th, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan and will conclude in Vancouver, Canada on May 20th. Tickets to the tour are on sale now and you can check out the entire slate of shows here.

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REZZ Spiral Stage Production Concept

"The Most REZZ Thing You've Ever Seen": Space Mom Shares Preview of "Spiral" Tour Production

The "Spiral" tour will see REZZ take on 15 cities for shows inspired by her latest album.


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