The Next Batman Could Be "Game Of Thrones" Actor Kit Harrington

There have been various rumors swirling around concerning who might replace Ben Affleck in director Matt Reeves' Batman movies and perhaps the most exciting tidbit involves Game of Thrones' very own Kit Harrington in the role of the Dark Knight. 

The rumor comes in the wake of news that Warner Bros has been putting out feelers for a potential leading man and Harrington made the cut. The good folks over at Revenge of the Fans have been keeping an eye on all the latest news about an upcoming Batman film and were able to secure an exciting morsel of info: Warner Bros asked to see the Game of Thrones actor in a Batman costume. 

The significance of this seemingly simple request is unprecedented - as Revenge of the Fans reported "when a studio is considering an actor for a role in a property known for its iconic imagery, they ask for some visual assistance during the process. It’s not at all uncommon for the studio to request a digital mock-up of an actor ... [To determine how] they’d look in the project they’re currently being considered for."

So what does this mean for the future of the DC series? Well, it could mean that Harrington is well and truly in the running to play the next Batman, or, that the image British actor in the famed costume might have simply been a momentary exploration by someone over at Warner Bros.

Who would you like to see as The Dark Knight?

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