The Remixes for the New Chainsmokers Single Are Seriously ?

One thing that can be said about The Chainsmokers is that they love supporting up and coming artists. Having already released a remix package for their new single “Sick Boy” with Zaxx, Prismo, Owen Norton, Kuur, Trobi, and neutral, the new “You Owe Me” remix pack features a similarly impressive new array names: Nonsens, Whyel, Subfer, Inverness and Magnace.

One the things I was most curious about for the remixes was how they’d handle the synth in the original “drop” the song. The answer is that they all pretty much ignored it entirely, crafting their own synths and arrangements around their productions.

This is also easily one the best remix packs that The Chainsmokers have released, and they’ve said as much about one remix in particular: Whyel’s.

Whyel has recently released a string pop punk remixes for the likes , , and . Adding The Chainsmokers to his repertoire, Whyel has established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Check out the full remix pack below!



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