The Ultimate European EDM Festival Tour for Summer 2022

Sadly, summer has come and gone. But there's always next summer.

While you may have been able to squeeze in a music fest or two close to home this year, festivals across Europe felt the wrath of COVID-19, navigating the pitfalls of countless postponements and cancellations. Despite the hardships, major European events are setting their sites on 2022 and it looks like a promising summer for the return of international music festivals.

We've put together the ultimate 30-day electronic music European tour for 2022, plus our firsthand recommendations on how to travel to them on a budget.


Europe has one of the best train systems in the world. It's fast, cheap and comfortable. Traveling from country to country can be stressful and tiring—and you're going to want to have a relaxing ride between festivals—so we suggest you try first-class. Compared to first-class on a plane, which can cost hundreds or even thousands, on Eurail it's a mere $131 more for adults and $99 for youth.

To make this epic 30-day trip, make sure to buy a Eurail Global Pass. The rates for each pass are as follows:

Adult (28+), 2nd Class: $395
Adult (28+), 1st Class: $526
Youth (12-27), 2nd Class: $296
Youth (12-27), 1st Class: $395

Eurail Global Pass Info

We got to immerse ourselves in the first-class experience, which offered ample leg room, personalized service, world-class small meals, and unlimited drinks (yes, alcoholic ones).

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