This DJ Is Getting Paid $280 Million For A Vegas Residency Till 2020

Calvin Harris has reigned as the highest paid DJ year after year, and yet, he hasn’t done a proper tour since 2013 with Tiësto. In the meantime, he’s released two albums and four non-album singles, all which could have netted him a country-wide tour. So how is he still getting paid so much, despite never hitting the road?

Well, it has a lot to do with Las Vegas and his residency with Hakkasan Group. He’s just renewed his residency for Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas for a not-so-small sum  £200 million (that’s around $280 million USD by today’s conversion rate) through 2020. He’ll be performing every Friday.

Breaking down the numbers, that’s more than £1 million for each, for around 2 hours a night.

Nick McCabe, the Hakkasan Group, who own the Omnia club in Caesar’s Palace, described Harris’s performances there over the last five years as “electrifying.”

You can buy tickets for Harris’ shows .



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