This DJ Living With Cerebral Palsy Learned to Master the Craft By Using His Nose

Peter Laws is proving to aspiring artists that there's no limitation insurmountable when it comes to the art of DJing.

There's no limitation insurmountable when it comes to mastering the art of DJing, and Peter Laws is a living example of what dedication to the craft means. 

Peter Laws, the artist known by the name DJ Palsy P, always had to innovate to achieve his dream since he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at three years old.

Laws tells he began his DJ career in 2006, but he faced limitations in using his hands to operate his hardware. However, he was able to use his nose. Using the Virtual DJ software, Laws programmed keyboard shortcuts that would be conducive to his unique performance style, which enabled him to continue making progress.

Laws' journey towards becoming a DJ wasn't without hurdles. But he credits ellaskins, known as the original "DJ Tutor" on YouTube with over 230,000 subscribers, as a key source of inspiration.

DJ Palsy P has since forged his own internet radio station, Live4Vibez (R.I.P)., and mix show, "The Crazy Crossfader Show." He can be seen streaming live on Twitch and via his DJ sets uploaded to YouTube.


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